Boot Tour cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic, Wade says

3/18/2020 -  Will Wade, head coach of the LSU Tigers Basketball team, has announced that the 2020 Will Wade Boot Tour has been cancelled.

 The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has swept across the globe in the last three months affecting every facet of human life. Schools have been shut down, businesses shuttered and curfews enacted.

Major happenings, festivals, concerts and sporting events have all been either cancelled our indefinitely postponed. 

The sports world has been throttled as every professional sports season on the planet has been suspended. NCAA's March Madness was cancelled, as was the remainder of the spring seasons of all NCAA sports.

Due to the far reaching effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, LSU coach Will Wade cancelled the upcoming 2020 Boot Tour.

"We didn't have a choice really," Wade said. "I mean, with the way our season ended, there wasn't much else we could do. Without knowing what the immediate future holds, we just decided to hold off until next year (on the Boot Tour). We felt it best to take all necessary precautions and do what's best for all parties involved."

One bright spot remains however. Despite cancelling the first two sessions of the Will Wade Boot Camps, Wade did announce one session (June 22-25) will remain on schedule.

"We're not sure how long this thing will last, so we cancelled the first two sessions," Wade said. "But we left one window open for the kids, just in case we might be able to get it in."

The combined "Boot Camp" session is set for June 22-25. Click the link below to reserve a spot. Space is definitely limited.